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"Over the years, I've recommended Counterpoint to everyone I know in the industry. This software is very comprehensive and user friendly. Overall, it’s difficult to articulate everything this system has done for this company!”

-Feed & Pet Supply Store, Santa Clarita, CA

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Harness the power - imagine the possibilities.

CounterPoint SQL Enterprise has all the capabilities you need to run your business more efficiently and effectively.

Accelerate your business with lightning-fast performance and countless time-saving features.

CounterPoint SQL Enterprise gives you speed and control over every aspect of your business -- point of sale, inventory, purchasing, sales history, and more. It puts the power and flexibility of SQL technology into your hands.

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Add feature options as you need them ...
CounterPoint SQL Enterprise expands with your business, allowing you to add features as you need them. Options like Advanced Pricing, Receivables, and Serial Numbers add support for additional pricing levels, A/R charge customers, and serialized inventory tracking.

CPOnline provides integrated ecommerce, allowing you to expand to the Web and integrate your online sales with your CounterPoint SQL Enterprise database. Multi-Site allows you to operate multiple stores and manage information at all your locations.

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Point of Sale

Point of Sale - easy to learn ... Easy to use and easy to learn with fast (2 second) Internet credit card authorizations and optional touchscreen ticket entry.

Point of Sale touchscreen

Point of sale provides fully integrated cash register functions on a computer workstation. It also gives you full complement of management controls and reports to help you operate your business profitably and securely.

Point of sale works well in a variety of retail, wholesale, and mail-order environments.

  • Regular Ticket Entry
  • Touchscreen Ticket
  • Entry
  • Passwords
  • Customers
  • Inventory
  • Pricing
  • Holds and Quotes
  • Orders
  • Backorders
  • Special Orders
  • Layaways
  • Order Deposits
  • Layaway Depostis
  • Customer-specific purchases
  • Store credits
  • Gift certificates
  • Shopping cards
  • Taxes
  • Payment Types
  • Multi-currency
  • Commissions
  • Ticket Numbering
  • Drawer readings
  • Daily reports
  • End-of-day processing
  • History
  • Retail kits
  • Form printing
  • Peripheral devices
  • Special functions
  • Credit card processing
  • EBT processing
  • Check authorization
  • Benefits

You can mix sales, returns, orders, special orders, backorders, and layaways on the same ticket. you can choose from either Regular Ticket Entry or Touchscreen Ticket Entry.

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Multiple levels of security ...
CounterPoint SQL Enterprise keeps your data safe with multiple levels of security, including Windows authentication and user-defined security codes and passwords.

Define and enforce your own security policy, restricting access to sensitive data, menu options, and virtually any area of your system to authorized users only.

For true peace of mind, CounterPoint SQL Enterprise's database architecture ensures data integrity, so you know your data is accurate and dependable, day in and day out. And CounterPoint SQL Enterprise maintains a complete history of all your transactions, so you've got a reliable audit trail from day one.

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