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"Over the years, I've recommended Counterpoint to everyone I know in the industry. This software is very comprehensive and user friendly. Overall, it’s difficult to articulate everything this system has done for this company!”

-Feed & Pet Supply Store, Santa Clarita, CA

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Options to grow as you grow.

CounterPoint SQL Enterprise options give you access to a wide variety of features that enhance the Base System.

Options may be purchased with the Base System or as you need them.

Credit Cards (non-CMP)
Pick Your Processor. With the Credit Cards Option, CounterPoint supports credit card processing through CounterPoint's Preferred Processors. <more info>
Just Charge It! Add charge sales, receivables tracking, cash receipt processing, account aging, and statement printing. <more info>

Serial Numbers
Which Widget Went Where? Use serial numbers to track big ticket items, product warranties, and regulated commodities. <more info>

Advanced Pricing

Pick Your Price. Take advantage of 6-level prices, price-by-location, oversize pricing for apparel, and Custom Expressions for price calculations. <more info>
Keep Close Tabs on Your Remote Sites
Multi-Site enables a CounterPoint Hub (the main office) and one or more Remotes (other stores) to operate independently during the day and periodically exchange information. <more info>

Offline Ticket Entry
Where Were You When the Power Went Out?
Continue ringing up sales even if your workstation loses its connection to the CounterPoint server. Also great for sidewalk sales, portable kiosks, or network outages. <more info>


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