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"Over the years, I've recommended Counterpoint to everyone I know in the industry. This software is very comprehensive and user friendly. Overall, it’s difficult to articulate everything this system has done for this company!”

-Feed & Pet Supply Store, Santa Clarita, CA

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Improving Your Bottom Line with Security Strategies

We want to make sure that you know the aspects of Retail Pro or CounterPoint you can utilize to increase security in your store(s). Tighter security is an aspect of your business you can directly do something about that can have an immediate impact on your bottom line. Watch this webinar to find out how to use your POS system to tighten security.

Confused About PCI Compliance?

Join Kevin McAdam, Vice President of One Step Retail Solutions and special guest presenter Michael Lyons, Assistant Vice President of PCI Management for RBS WorldPay, in an easy to understand, clearly-explained presentation on the nuts and bolts of PCI Compliance.

Find out:

  • Who is required to comply?
  • What are the dangers of not complying?
  • What are the 12 requirements of PCI?
  • What if my security is breached... what do I do and what will it cost me?

Our Guest: Michael Lyons has been employed with RBS WorldPay for approximately 6 years and is currently the Assistant Vice President of PCI Management. Michael manages all merchant account data compromises along with managing PCI policy and governance. He has held strategic positions within the ATM, Prepaid and Credit processing environment which has helped provide him with a broad knowledge of payment processing and how to apply the PCI rules across each environment. He is a Certified Payment Card Industry Security Manager and has traveled extensively speaking on behalf of RBS WorldPay in the PCI Arena. Michael holds an undergraduate degree in finance from the University of Georgia and received his MBA from Georgia State Universsity. Michael currently resides in Atlanta, GA and is an avid outdoor enthusiast.

Acquiring New Customers and Maximizing Return on Existing Customers for Physical Store Retailers

It makes sense to maintain or actually increase marketing spend and sales resources during a recession. Over the past 50 years, companies that have been aggressive in these regards experienced a 275 percent growth rate improvement during the first full year of recovery. Whereas, those that pulled back on their marketing and sales spending increased revenue by only 19 percent during the recovery period.*

But how to spend your marketing dollars and on what? One of the most famous cliches in advertising is the one from retailer John Wanamaker: "Half the money I spend on advertising is wasted; the trouble is I don\'t know which half." But with the advent of technology systems, this is no longer true. Find out how to know the return on investment of your advertising dollars, how many new customers it brings in and how many old customers it motivates to buy more.

Are you looking for new customers? Attend this free on-line webinar and find out new strategies for acquiring new customers and keeping existing ones.

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