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"Over the years, I've recommended Counterpoint to everyone I know in the industry. This software is very comprehensive and user friendly. Overall, it’s difficult to articulate everything this system has done for this company!”

-Feed & Pet Supply Store, Santa Clarita, CA

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Store name: Fountain of Vitality
Number of stores: 4 Stores
Specialty: health foods
Location: New Jersey
Established in 1974

Founders and partners Joe Eorio and John Giuliano opened their first of four New Jersey health food stores in 1974. The duo’s quest to provide their customers superior service and to maximize the efficiency of their operations led them to CounterPoint.

Fountain of Vitality needed a solution that would control their inventory and manage their vendors. Carrying a diverse product selection is fundamental to their business, but merchandise planning and ordering for the four stores was a challenge as the four stores typically carry 20,000 products supplied by more than 150 vendors.

Competitively pricing their items is one major ingredient to their success, making it very important for the team to buy the right products at the right prices from the right vendors. Prior to CounterPoint, John was spending 20 to 30 hours every month organizing, inputting, and analyzing supplier pricing information to plan orders.

The team researched software that would streamline their operations and selected CounterPoint. Vendor pricing is now brought directly into CounterPoint, and the system automatically creates recommended purchase orders for the suppliers who currently offer the lowest costs.

Fountain of Vitality also utilizes CounterPoint’s Multi-Site capabilities, which allows each store to operate independently, and then automatically share its information with the other stores as required. Current inventory and sales information are brought into the main store each night, so that all purchasing can be controlled and issued from a single location.

“CounterPoint has allowed me to gain control of all of my stores. I have instant access to vital information such as sales, prices, and vendors. And I’m able to identify hot-sellers and use the auto- replenish feature to ensure optimum stock levels. Most importantly, the advanced ordering capabilities have made a once complex ordering process easy and efficient,” explained Eorio.

CounterPoint gives Fountain of Vitality the power of information, ease of use, and the strategies to utilize that information – the keys to a healthy business.


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